Ikea Industry Poland commissioned a pellet plant at the Stalowa Wola sawmill site

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At the beginning of September, Ikea Industry Poland commissioned a pellet plant at the Stalowa Wola sawmill site, reports the Polish website Money.pl. 

The plant has two presses with an output of 10 tonnes/hour, therefore the plant's annual production capacity is about 60 tonnes of pellets. The sawmill's by-products are used as a raw material for pellets.

According to Ikea's statements, the pellets manufactured at the new line in Stalowa Wola are a high quality product. They have a low ash content and a high heating value. 

The EN + A1 and DIN PLUS certification procedures are currently underway. 

Pellets produced in Stalowa Wola will be mainly exported to Italy, Germany and Denmark. 

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